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Updated: Sep 10, 2022

SEIZAN Gallery is pleased to announce our return to Art on Paper, open from September 8th through 11th at Pier 36 in New York City. The gallery will present new visions and voices of four contemporary artists who work in “Nihonga,” a traditional style of Japanese painting on “washi” paper.

Eri Iwasaki (b. 1968 in Hyogo, Japan) brings new portraits to the fair. Pitch dark backgrounds painted in ground minerals, feature ethereal characters and swirling clouds rendered in platinum paint. The serene faces with steady gaze and straight postures are reminiscent of Buddhist statues in Kyoto, where the artist lives and works.

Toshiyuki Kajioka (b. 1978 in Tokyo, Japan) has stoically painted the same subject for twenty years: the surface of a flowing river. Working in sumi ink and graphite pencil, he explores the transcendental wildness and tranquility of watery depths. Kajioka brings new works to the booth in connection with his two-artist show with Kengo Takahashi opening September 8th at SEIZAN Gallery New York.

For this presentation, Kenta Takahashi (b.1996 in Aichi, Japan) completed new works from his signature "diamond steel plate” series. Takahashi recreates ubiquitous urban scenes with traditional painting materials of mineral pigment, silver leaf and washi paper.They defy expectation and present new approaches to concepts of abstraction and figurative, East and West, craftsmanship and industrialism.

Shigemi Yasuhara (b. 1984 in Aichi, Japan) addresses with solemnity, the most popular subject of Nihonga: nature. Working on a signature butter-yellow background, Yasuhara depicts the branch of a tree, a vine, or a landscape in pitch perfect brush strokes and delicate colors. The paintings are fresh and captivating with the pure joy that nature paintings can offer.

SEIZAN Gallery (Booth B39)

Art on Paper 2022

Pier 36, Downtown Manhattan

299 South St

New York, NY 10002


Thursday, Sep 8, 5-9pm (for VIP ticket holders)

Friday, Sep 9, 11am-7pm

Saturday, Sep 10, 11am-7pm

Sunday, Sep 11, 11am-6pm


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