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SEIZAN Gallery is pleased to announce our return to Art Market Hamptons, open from August 11th through 14th at Nova’s Art Project and Sculpture Park. We will be presenting three contemporary artists: Haruomi Izumi, Étienne Krähenbühl, and Takashi Seto.

Haruomi Izumi (b.1979 in Chiba, Japan) is a successor of “Nihonga,” the Japanese-style painting practiced over centuries. Working with traditional materials such as mineral pigments, shell powders, metal leaves and washi paper, Izumi constructs ethereal scenes based on nature. “Nature has a perfect beauty and I don’t find it interesting to only copy it in my painting,” says the artist. "I pursue new beauty by eliminating randomness and creating patterns from a single motif and then simplifying elements I find in nature.” For the Fair, we will present works from his signature “Hour” series.

Étienne Krähenbühl (b. 1953 in Vevey, Switzerland) is known for large scale sculptures in a range of metals, including shape-memory alloys and reclaimed metals. They are often kinetic and site specific to the natural environment and to architectural settings. Recently the video of his signature work "Bing Bang" went viral on social medias. In the video, the 3.5 meter round sculpture composed of thousands of wooden chimes produces breathtaking sounds in the park. For this presentation, we will be showing Krähenbühl's interactive works in various sizes.

Takashi Seto (b. 1974 in Saitama, Japan) is an artist and researcher of traditional Japanese textiles. He deciphers 17th-century fabric books to revive and reinterpret the forgotten paint dye techniques of "Yuzen.” Works by Seto featured at Art Market Hamptons are created by incorporating and reinterpreting traditional techniques. He fabricates whimsical and delicate scenes from nature and city scapes on silk using the meticulous paint dye process of Yuzen. After painting, the thin silk is stretched over a panel gilded with silver. The glittering of silver shimmers through the thin fabric. Over time the silver gains patina, another distinctive element of Seto’s work.

SEIZAN Gallery (Booth B21)

Art Market Hamptons 2022

Nova’s Art Project & Sculpture Park

206 Millstone Road

Water Mill, NY 11976

August 11 through August 14, 2022

For inquiries, please email to


Haruomi Izumi

Shady Pines, 2020

Natural mineral pigment on Japanese paper mounted on wood panel

27.6 × 22.1 × 0.59 inches (70 × 140 × 1.5 cm)


Haruomi Izumi

The Eternal Hour, 2020

Natural mineral pigment on Japanese paper mounted on wood panel

63.8 × 63.8 × 0.59 inches (162 × 162 × 1.5 cm)


Étienne Krähenbühl

Au fil de l’O (In the Flow), 2018

Edition 1/5

Corten steel, nickel titanium

Diameter 27 inches (69 cm), adjustable height


Takashi Seto, Namiko Kuroyanagi

ME TA KA KE RO, 2016

Japanese cypress, Yuzen dyed silk, silver leaf

36.6 × 47.2 × 1.2 inches (93 x 120 x 3 cm)


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