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Photos by GION

May 13 - June 26, 2021

SEIZAN Gallery New York is pleased to present Here, There, a solo exhibition of Japanese painter, Yasushi Ikejiri (b. 1971). The show presents a series of photo realistic landscapes produced over the last five years.

Ikejiri was born in Hokkaido, studied painting at Toyo Institute of Art and Design, and now lives and works in Tokyo. His influences include a range of painters: from expressionist 19th Century Russian masters like Ivan Ivanovich Shishkin, to Edward Hopper, Ikejiri explores the possibilities of contemporary landscape painting.

He keeps a stack of snapshots for reference, taken on routine walks in his neighborhood or on weekend trips. These randomly selected scenes are recreated on canvas in astonishing detail and saturated color. The bucolic and mundane scenes are found almost anywhere: a corner of the park, the tip of a large tree, an empty snack wrapper tossed on the ground. This casual choice of subject and dense color corresponds to the omnipresent images that flood social networks. Yet Ikejiri's quiet landscapes are neutral and egoless, welcoming any number of interpretations and impressions. The paintings are dreamy and realistic; favorable and ominous; intimate and distant, much like daily scenery gives a fresh impression with each new gaze.

Ikejiri's work has been included in number of exhibitions in the US and in Japan. Here, There is the artist's first solo exhibition outside of Japan. 



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